Is there a charge for your services?

No. We are an Austin apartment finder & provide a totally FREE apartment search to you, much like the service of a Realtor. The Austin apartments pay us out of their marketing budget.

How long will it take for you to help me pick from the apartments in Austin?

Approximately 2-3 hours. One of our Texas Real Estate licensed consultants will search our computer database of all the units by any or all of your criteria (price, area, pets, security deposits, school districts, etc).

Why do I need a locator to help me find an apartment?

Apartment hunting can be frustrating and time consuming. With hundreds or thousands of choices, it can be mind boggling. We have a computer database of all the communities in town (like a Realtor’s MLS) that we can search by your criteria. We can streamline your search down to 2-3 hours from 2-3 days

Why do I need a LOCAL real estate agent ?

Primarily, to have him/her to shop around for the best specials for your time frame meeting your exact criteria (location, age, energy efficiency, pet policies, low move in cost, etc.)

Do I have to make an appointment to visit your office, or can I just get a list of properties to visit on my own?

Some apartment locating companies may give you a list of apts for you to visit on your own. However the list will only include a small percentage of available apartments limiting your options.

Can you send me a list of apartments in Austin?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a true updated list of available Austin apartment rentals. There are 1000’s of apartments, rental management and private owners in town, without an MLS type system. Which is why we exist – because it IS an overwhelming task to do it yourself.

Other sites are searchable and give a list. Why not yours?

A search results list doesn’t show what is available! Availability of units for a particular price, area, etc. literally change daily. Our job is to do the legwork for you, and find the best ones available using your criteria so you can pick from the top ones

What other advantages are there for me to use a locator?

We receive 100s of emails per week updating us on their current rates and special offers. Our office in particular has experienced, mature agents that work full time and constantly exchange information to keep each other up on the latest rent specials, policy changes, and move-in specials, etc. especially LOOK AND LEASE SPECIALS you may miss out on otherwise

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